Drain Plug

We do not supply the old, small drain plugs. They are ineffective in allowing water to escape the hull and quickly deform and become very difficult to remove.

The modern drain plug is a two-piece system in which a plug with a gasket screws into a flanged housing. The plug is captive so you won't lose it and it is much bigger, so water actually flows out!

If you order the kit, we supply the two fasteners along with installation instructions. Instructions to upgrade from the old plug style are summarized as follows:
  • Enlarge the existing hole up and right keeping the tangent point at about 7:00. The backing plate for the gudgeon could get in the way if you enlarge the hole towards the left. I use a Dremel tool with a sanding drum and it works great.
  • Dry fit the plug and drill holes for the screws with a 9/64" drill bit.
  • Apply some caulk to the back of the flange and drilled holes and install the drain plug
  • Screw flange to the hull using the enclosed sheet metal screws.
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Time to go sailing!