Barnett 1400
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Barnett 1400 part and accessories

The 1400 is back in production. There are over 1500 boats produced and we carry some of the common accessories to keep your 1400 sailing. If you need something to get your 1400 in top shape, contact us and we'll see how we can help.

Current parts available

Daggerboard Assembly $235
Jib $284 (out of stock, but can be ordered)
Boom: $220.50
Mainsheet $32.64
Halyard $21.50
Vang Kit - stock is limited, but can be ordered - $125
Sails -out of stock, but can be ordered - specify either short (round head) or tall (point head) sail - $475.00
Rudder-Tiller Assemblies - $487.50
Drain Plugs $7.00

prices are listed as reference, actual prices may change without notice.